Hailey Baldwin Defends Normani's Costume Against Racist Troll

Hailey Baldwin Defends Normani's Costume Against Racist Troll

Hailey Baldwindefender of all things Halloween — took to social media to defend Normani against a racist troll questioning her costume.

To rewind, in addition to her incredible tribute to Naomi Campbell's iconic 1991 photoshoot with Blair Caldwell, Normani also paid homage to a look created for Cher's 1979 album, The Prisoner. Outfitted in a beaded headpiece and fairy wings against a dreamy fantasy backdrop, Normani's Instagram is an absolute vision.vision.

And while the majority of fans loved the look, unfortunately, a few racist trolls decided to camp out in Normani's comments section and argue that this is not "the right costume for a Black girl," because "Cher is white and Cher was thin." Gross to say the least.

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cher - 1979

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That said, Baldwin obviously also saw the comment and was quick to call out the racist rhetoric, directly responding by saying, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with Normani dressed up as Cher for Halloween."

"What do you mean by the first sentence? She can do it because she wants to, she is doing much better than you, you're behind a computer complaining about a costume," Baldwin continued, before concluding, "Stop being racist and get out of her page if you don't like it. It's 2019 and you're still supporting the garbage of Trump, Marta."

See Baldwin's comment in full, below.

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She snapped. 👏🏼

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