Grimes Calls Minions 'Aesthetic Terrorism'

Grimes Calls Minions 'Aesthetic Terrorism'

From their humble origins as the babbling lovable henchmen to a multi-million dollar grossing franchise that has gone on to leave an indelible yellow bean-shaped mark on the very fabric of pop culture, Minions are here to stay whether you like it or not. And as it turns out, Grimes is decidedly not a fan.

The polarizing synth pop artist took to Twitter late last night to air her grievances with the hyperactive banana-obsessed creatures, writing "Minions are aesthetic terrorism, they did not need to exist." Grimes didn't really elaborate any further on why she was taking such a hardline stance against Minions but instead followed it up with "OHHHH fuck this was supposed to be from my burner account I shud delete this ok I’m so sorry” casting doubt on whether or not it was potentially just a shitpost. Judging from the fact that the tweet hasn't been deleted seems to support that theory.

As far as Grimes takes go, it may not be her most controversial take but it is some pretty strong rhetoric to label the yellow, goggle-clad beings so visually offensive that it would amount to "aesthetic terrorism." Minions, which have been around since practically the dawn of time, are pretty rudimentary from a character design perspective so it makes sense that the avowed fan of fantasy and sci-fi would scoff at them. Also, as a mother of two, no doubt Grimes has to put up with an untold amount of inane cartoons around the house, so the disdain is pretty understandable. (Kim Kardashian can probably sympathize.)

However, as militantly crude as Grimes may think Minions are, the phenomenon doesn't look like its going anywhere. Apart from having an insanely star-studded soundtrack, the latest Minions movie kicked off a TikTok trend of zoomers showing up to screenings in formal attire. The gaggle of teen boys hopping on the Gentleminions trend apparently got so rowdy that some theaters were demanding attendees dress down if they wanted to get their Minion fix.

Photo via Getty/ Kevin Winter