Greta Thunberg Claps Back at Andrew Tate

Greta Thunberg Claps Back at Andrew Tate

For someone who sure hates global warming, climate activist Greta Thunberg sure knows how to bring the heat.

It all started when Andrew Tate, best known as one of the internet's most vile misogynists, thought that it would be a fun idea to try and start internet beef with Thunberg. For reference, Thunberg is 19 and Tate is 36. For someone who chastises men about their behavior, we don't think that starting fights with 19-year-olds is a particularly masculine thing to do.

So what does any 36-year-old man with a seemingly large amount of money and time do? He tries to flex on a young woman passionate about saving our decaying planet by showing off his 33 cars that surely won't get repossessed when people realize he's a fraud and stop supporting him financially. Oh yeah, there's also a terrible video that Tate definitely edited himself despite having the money to hire a halfway-decent video editor. Then again, maybe they all refuse to work with him.

Tate's age clearly shows when he asks Thunberg to provide her email address so he could send a complete list of his car collection and their respective emissions.

Thunberg, who has shown to have more intelligence and courage than most adults since she first gained fame at age 15, has also earned her right to clap back at Tate in a beautiful, simple and masterful way.

In less than 12 hours, Thunberg's package-shaming tweet has garnered nearly 2 million likes. We hope that someone jumped at snagging

Unfortunately, Tate's fragile ego was shattered and he had to have the last laugh because, once again, he is a 36-year-old man with large amounts of money and nothing better to do than start petty internet drama with a young woman. So, he attempted to flip her scathing comeback on her and said, "Thank you for confirming via your email address that you have a small penis."

Insert a collective groan here.

Tate's full response is painful to watch, so I'll unfortunately attempt to sum it up for you:

A shirtless 36-year-old Tate smokes a cigar in what appears to be a cellphone video. He is hand-delivered two pizzas and requests that the boxes not be recycled. He says Thunberg is brainwashed (completely ignoring the fact that his online persona is built on brainwashing men into mimicking him so that they buy his scam online course that is supposed to teach them how to get rich). He also incorrectly assumes that global warming is simply "the sun being hot" and it's useless to convince the government to do something about it. Then, to rationalize being ratio'd by Thunberg, he blames it on bots.

It's clear that Elon Musk's Twitter needs a lot more work if those bots did all that heavy lifting.

While Tate had a successful run as a professional kickboxer, he rose to prominence for his crude internet presence that is built on misogyny. He previously ran a cam model business with his brother and runs an online course that gives lessons on cryptocurrency and drop shipping. He has since cozied up to far-right influencers and spews racist, homophobic and misogynistic things ranging from victim-blaming sexual assault survivors to arguing that it's better to date 18 and 19-year-olds because they are less likely to have had sex with more men. This inflammatory behavior has led to him being banned on most social media sites including Twitter, although his account was restored when Musk acquired the platform.

Tate has previously been investigated for allegations of human trafficking by Romanian police.

Photo courtesy of Kate Green/Getty Images