@BeautySpock Is Greta Gremlin

@BeautySpock Is Greta Gremlin

Photography by Silvia Draz / Styling by Craig Hemming and Caitlin Forbes

One of cinema's most underrated fashion and beauty icons is Greta, the snatched female mogwai featured in 1990 camp classic Gremlins 2. Don't expose her to sunlight, don't let her come into contact with water, don't feed her after midnight... but do take some style cues from her late-80s era feather boa, leopard print skirt and bright blue eyeshadow.

Three decades after she first hit screens, we asked none other than Instagram's queen of SFX makeup Frances O'Sullivan (AKA @beautyspock) to recreate and pay tribute to Greta's gorgeous green visage — with a high fashion 2020 twist. Her long-overdue editorial moment, below.

Dress: Huishan Zhang, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Earring: Atelier Dornements

Art direction and production: Craig Hemming (Fresheather Agency)
Photography: Silvia Draz
Styling: Craig Hemming and Caitlin Forbes
Hair: Kieron Lavine (Nylon Artists)
Makeup and prosthetics: Nial McCafrey (Nylon Artists and Anya McDevitt)