Backstage Photos of Your Favs at Gov Ball 2024

Backstage Photos of Your Favs at Gov Ball 2024

Photography by Vincenzo DiminoJun 12, 2024

The backstage area of a music festival will forever be a sometimes chic, always chaotic wonderland meets fever dream. In some ways, it's the great equalizer, the place where headliners and hitmakers rub shoulders with wide-eyed entertainment journalists who are also in line to grab a glizzy before the next set. Governors Ball is no exception.

Feeling FOMO? Lucky for you, we spent the time in between writing articles on cabana-like seating to take out our Skullcandy earbuds, pick up our PAPER microphone and slip into trailers, side-stage and press tents to talk to some of the weekend's biggest stars.

Below, check out exclusive photos of Peso Pluma, Reneé Rapp, G Flip, P1harmony, Flo, Doechii, Yung Gravy, Stephen Sanchez, Mimi Webb, Qveen Herby and Rauw Alejandro by Vincenzo Dimino, along with highlights from backstage chats with PAPER.

P1harmony on their album Killin' It:

Killin' It is the title of our full length album we released in February and also the main leading single off that album. It's a song that's really fun and energetic. It's a song that really wants you to get up and dance with us. It's all about... you know, killin' it, cause you're the best.

G Flip on what songs fans are having the most fun with live:

I put out a song called "The Worst Person Alive" and people seem to like that song. I also have a song called "Gay For Me" and that's pretty fitting for pride and that's pretty fitting for me, cause I'm gay as fuck.

Doechii on which artist she'd want to jet-set with:

Sexyy Red, because I know it's going to be really fun. Probably Miami. We'd probably be twerking everywhere. Restaurants, yachts, crab boils. Eating good.

Reneé Rapp on what she's most excited for next:

I'm most excited, fuck... I don't know. For my next album!

Rauw Alejandro on what fans can expect next:

New music, all the time. I love being in the studio that's my favorite part about being an artist, the creative process of all my songs. It's where I disconnect from the world and it's just me and a mic and a computer.

Qveen Herby on her debut Gov Ball performance:

It's incredible to be back in New York. This is my first time at Gov Ball. It went flawlessly, pure magic. And I got to see lots of my favorite babes in the audience.

Flo on which of their songs is the song of the summer:

"Summertime." No, that was last summer. "Caught Up!" The guitar is bringing all the summer vibes. It's giving Spanish, Español, Señorita, it's a sexy summer.

Stephen Sanchez on new music:

"We just put out ["Angel Face (Club Deluxe)"] with five new songs just a month or so ago, so go check that out. I've been working with new folks and making some new music, but for now, hanging out, and we've got a new tour, so hopefully, you guys can come out.

Mimi Webb on fan reaction to her song "Mistake":

It was really exciting to put it out and tease the sound of my next album. Even though we have so many new and different songs coming, that song felt like the perfect one to launch off of. It was so fun to sing something different and write something that was a little more out of my comfort zone.

Alex Chapman on his favorite after party DJ experience:

My favorite after party memory was DJing Mark Ronson's Grammy after party — it was really lit, and there was a crazy storm, the ceiling was leaking at the Bar Marmont in West Hollywood, it was super iconic.

Photography: Vincenzo Dimino