Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Love Glamour

Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Love Glamour

Story by XOXOEMIRA / Photography by Daniel Sachon / Makeup by Sam Visser / Hair by Jake Gallagher / Styling by Mimi Wade

Beauty has entered an era of maximalism: over-the-top shimmering lids, bold lip colors and teased out hair. Indeed, full-throttle glamour is officially back.

Illustrating this for PAPER is photographer Daniel Sachon, who drew inspiration from the "mystique and allure of Los Angeles in the '70s and '80s," while makeup artist Sam Visser worked with hairstylist Jake Gallagher to bring the glam to life. It’s giving rich Bel Air girlie in 1979.

Below, six of the most beautiful people on the internet — Annahstasia, Devon Lee Carlson, Symone, Staz Lindes, Savannah Hudson and Leila Rahimi — model the trend and share with us their love for all things beauty.


Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I've never had one particular idol, but some of my favorite beautiful people are Pat Evans, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Carl Anderson (in Jesus Christ Superstar), Cher. It's a long list but they’re at the top of it. Beauty for me was never about emulation. Beauty is about the self and people that inspire me to be myself are people that are so boldly themselves.

How has beauty transformed your life?

As I’ve grown my relationship with beauty, the world has become more harmonious. Beauty is play and an extension of one's fantasy and character. But when there’s no makeup, no dress, no fanfare, there must be glamour, as well —glamour and strength that radiates from within you. Beauty in a way helped me hone that. I always knew I was beautiful, but I didn’t always know I was powerful. Makeup and fashion especially gives you a superhero mask as a gateway to that power. Once that gate is open, you don’t need a lick of mascara to feel it.

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Devon Lee Carlson

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I could never pick one, I have too many. Kate Moss, Rihanna, Brigitte Bardot, my mom, my sister, RuPaul and Cher.

How has beauty transformed your life?

Growing up as a competitive dancer, doing my hair and makeup has always been a big part of my life. I used to do my friend'’ glam for homecoming and prom, and it’s always just brought me so much joy. Being able to express yourself, be whoever you want to be, is just fun.

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Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

That is such a hard question to answer. I think I'm going to have to say Naomi Campbell. She was the first model I remember seeing and just being blown away. Beauty is effortless for her. She also showed me what’s possible as far as drag goes.

How has beauty transformed your life?

Honey, how did beauty not transform my life? Beauty led me to drag, which gave me the confidence to pursue it as career. Now I’m able to make a living from it. Baby, beauty did an overhaul on my life.

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Staz Lindes

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

At the moment, my biggest beauty inspiration is Ronnie Spector. I am currently mourning the loss of this beauty icon, damn. Throughout the decades she dressed amazingly, kept her beehive teased to the heavens and usually had that sexy smokey black thick winged liner. I love you, Ronnie.

How has beauty transformed your life?

I found self-expression in beauty and makeup at such a young age, honestly. The smell of my mother’s makeup drawer, watching her get ready, trying to repeat the same mesmerizing ritual on myself. I fell in love with lipstick when I was about seven or eight.

My babysitter gave me a winged cat eye, she called them angel wings, when I was probably nine. Obsessed. I’m still trying to perfect it to this day. I love seeing how other people use makeup, as well. I’m constantly inspired by the girls at the checkout lines in grocery stores across America, to the punk rock girls that come to our shows. I love talking about makeup and I love trying new things all the time.

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Savannah Hudson

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I feel that I am inspired by so many things when it comes to beauty. Sometimes it’s hard for me to recall one, but I remember growing up and watching my grandma get dressed up every day, decked out in pearls and fur just to go to the market.

That obviously shaped me into the over the top, "never too much" type of woman I work towards being every day. Besides my grandma, I've always been inspired by classic, strong beauty characters in entertainment like Caterina Valente, Cher and Monica Belluci.

Seeing powerful women defying boundaries by doing things for themselves and because these things make us feel good is most important.

How has beauty transformed your life?

Beauty and how you make yourself up is really one of the biggest forms of expression without having to use words. It's such a powerful thing, and I feel so excited that I get to learn and express myself through beauty by seeing what works for me.

We are in such an important and limitless time of expression and individuality, right now. I feel hopeful that the generations after mine will be even more free to express themselves authentically.

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Leila Rahimi

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

My inspiration for beauty comes from many sources. I love mythology and ancient stories of love, so I would say a lot of my inspiration comes from tales of heroines and star-crossed lovers and how I feel they might adorn themselves.

I also find a lot of inspiration from my Iranian heritage. I love lining my eyes with sormeh (an ancient form of eye-liner still used today). It is also used as spiritual armor protecting those who line their eyes from evil eyes. I find that makeup for me can be used both as a form of fantasy and as armor.

How has beauty transformed your life?

Beauty can transform sorrow into joy. As an artist, seeking to create beauty is a way to shape something that can be dark or painful into something beautiful. Beauty transports the us to a higher realm; there is no use for it other than to bask in its wonder and contemplate. It is cosmic.

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Photography: Daniel Sachon
Makeup: Sam Visser
Hair: Jake Gallagher
Styling: Mimi Wade
Photo assistant: Andrea Riba
Production: Mara Weinstein
Makeup assistant: Adriana Gonzalez
Vintage clothing and accessories: Lidow Archive
Millinery: Piers Atkinson
Jewelry: Darius Jewels