'Goodnight Moon' Gets Brought to Life in This NYC Exhibition

'Goodnight Moon' Gets Brought to Life in This NYC Exhibition

If you've ever wanted to live inside your favorite children's book, today might be your lucky day.

Speaking to our collective need for a little comforting escapism during these trying times, NYC artist collective Fort Makers has unveiled "Goodnight House," an immersive group exhibition of works inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's 1947 classic bedtime read Goodnight Moon.

Taking inspiration from Clement Hurd's original illustrations, Fort Makers enlisted a group of artists whose practices "embrace a childlike curiosity" to reimagine the little bunny's iconic bedroom as artworks and home goods, including candles, clocks and bookcases.

"We asked each artist to further rekindle their childlike understanding of the world around them, and create objects uninhibited by the horrors of adulthood," Fort Makers co-founder and creative director Nana Spears said in a statement. "What better remedy than comfort and play?"

But why Goodnight Moon specifically? Well, according to Spears, it's because the book has become an American cultural touchstone that perfectly encapsulates this kind of timeless childlike wonder, all while providing us with a unique "understanding of comfort, sleep, compassion and imagination."

"Even though the book had poor sales in its first year, Goodnight Moon eventually gained universal affection and became one of the most famous children's books of all time," Spears explained. "While subtly subversive, Goodnight Moon allows us to see through the eyes of a child, and instills in us essential tools for innovation. That's something worth celebrating."

The exhibition will be open from March 18 to May 27. Find more information on "Goodnight House," here.

Photography: Joe Kramm/ Courtesy of Fort Makers