GloRilla Addresses Personal Assistant Salary Controversy

GloRilla Addresses Personal Assistant Salary Controversy

It's the dream for many people to work closely with their favorite celebrity as a personal assistant, but GloRilla's fans aren't happy that the salary to work with her basically makes it F-R-E-E labor.

It all started when the Memphis rapper posted a call for a personal assistant. The job, as tedious as it sounds, also seems fun! The ideal person would travel with her, pick up her outfits for shows and shoots, schedule meetings, book travel and more. Plus, they get to do this all with an emerging artist, opening up countless doors of opportunity and experience.

Problem is, she's paying $550 a week. If the math is mathing, that's 28,600 a year, well below the $31,200 yearly salary if one was to work for $15 an hour. That $550 salary also doesn't say anything about overtime, bonuses or any additional covered expenses.

The internet had something to say.

GloRilla heard the people loud and clear, and she took to her Instagram stories to address the controversy and explain the required duties a bit more.

She first assures all interested and disinterested candidates alike that travel expenses will be paid for. As for food? Still waiting on that but I'd hope it would be covered.

She also says that the responsibilities she listed are not things that one would have to do as her assistant, but if the circumstances call for it, you'd have to do it. She mainly lists off picking up her clothes and carrying her belongings as her personal assistant's primary duties.

"You really just gotta do whatever the fuck I tell you to do," she says. That includes running errands, knowing her size to pick up clothes and remembering her favorite foods and dietary restrictions.

For all the people still interested in all that for less than $30k a year, you know who to contact with that resume.

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