Gia Gunn Criticized For Calling the Pandemic a 'Hoax'

Gia Gunn Criticized For Calling the Pandemic a 'Hoax'

Gia Gunn is under fire for calling the COVID-19 pandemic a "hoax."

On Friday, the Drag Race alum took to her Instagram Live to insinuate that that she believes "things are more okay than the government is allowing you to think."

"I think the whole mask thing is ridiculous," she said in a clip posted to Twitter. "I honestly think this whole COVID-19 thing is a hoax. I think everybody that is taking precautions is cute, and it's definitely the thing to do, but I also think that a lot of people are brainwashed."

However, Gunn's opinions about the pandemic — which has affected over 9.5 million and left close to 500,000 people dead worldwide — completely ignores the fact that social distancing and wearing a face mask drastically cuts down the risk of transmission. And so, naturally, it didn't take long for fans and fellow queens to begin calling her out for spreading dangerous misinformation.

"This is beyond irresponsible @GiaGunn do you realize you're aligning with the 'president' and his non handling of the pandemic?" as one person wrote. Meanwhile, Drag Race season 10 winner Aquaria told Gunn to just "put on your stupid mask."

"And let it be a reminder to not open your mouth when trying to influence your followers to practice the same unsafe actions you feel entitled to," Aquaria continued, before adding, "People are still dying. Be grateful its not you or I right now."

In the wake of the backlash, Gunn took to her Twitter to address the controversy and say, "It's time for Miss Gia to take her own advice and to do better."

"No theories, no questions, no excuses. It's time for us to put our masks back on," Gunn said as she thanked those who "never took your masks off."

"I thank you and commend you so much for setting the example that I wish I would have. But I'm here now to encourage you all that when you do put your mask on to please try and help promote the trans community," she continued, before suggesting that fans should use the opportunity to support designers donating to good causes.

"Life is too short and we need to protect each other, and I thank you all so much for correcting me, educating me, and informing me," Gunn concluded. "I love you all so much. Be safe."

See Gunn's latest video, below.

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