This Instagram Shows How Gaslighters Dress
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This Instagram Shows How Gaslighters Dress

On @gaslighter_outfits_, a satirical Instagram curating "things gaslighters wear," the only Highlight is titled, "Ur overthinking," and features memes of your favorite — or least favorite — celebrities emotionally manipulating you.

A '90s Gwen Stefani, with hot pink hair and braces, says, "You're lucky I put up with you." Harry Styles in Girl With a Pearl Earring drag at the MET Gala looks you in the eye and admits, "You're nothing to me." And a young runway model Chrissy Teigen flirts with the camera alongside text that reads, "It was just a joke." Was it?

The account, which was started by Rose Daniels and Taryn Riggs, is early in its infancy with only a few hundred followers, but the concept is hilarious and relevant today as gaslighting enters the public discourse more openly. The Chicks released Gaslighter, the album, in 2020 and "Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss" has become the internet's new "Live Laugh Love."

On their grid, @gaslighter_outfits_ imagines different theoretical gaslighting personas, although all rooted in some relatable reality. Because a fifth grade bully taking down a Demi Lovato stan would, of course, wear chocolate and pink Etnies and a Mudd vest complete with fake fur trim (that'd eventually get matted down on the playground).

Below, PAPER caught up with the creators to talk about all things gaslighting and, perhaps mostly importantly, why Vineyard Vines is the ultimate uniform for undermining another person's reality.

What inspired the decision to make this account?

An episode of The Bachelorette.

Who runs the account and what're your backgrounds?

Rose Daniels and Taryn Riggs. We both come from small towns where everyone lies.

How do you define a gaslighter?

A weak, insecure "person," if they're even real...

What do you think are the nuances of gaslighting?

Scroll down the page, we find the outfits speak for themselves.

How does that inform the different types of gaslighters you describe on your account?

Anyone can be a gaslighter. That's the beauty and pain of it, grandma always said.

What's the relationship between style and gaslighting?

It all starts in the shoes.

Are there certain styles that are giveaways more than others?

What lies underneath. Yes, your underwear is telling me what I went through isn't actually happening.

What's the ultimate gaslighter uniform?

Put a hat from Vineyard Vines on the head of anyone you know and the betrayal is instantaneous.

Which designer screams gaslighter louder than anyone else?

Vineyard Vines. Whoever that person is needs therapy and jail.

Why do you think gaslighting — and this topic at large — resonates with so many people, right now?

Obviously it's not cool to deny someone's experiences, but what is cool is to warn the public about how the way people dress, reflects.

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