Gabe Gordon's Prom Girl Is a Fashion Horror Movie

Gabe Gordon's Prom Girl Is a Fashion Horror Movie

Textile artist Gabe Gordon has been developing his own fabrics since 2019 with a focus on body-hugging and distressed knits. (Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa are among those who've embraced his signature Vortex cardigans).

For his Fall 2022 collection (pieces of which are iterations from his thesis collection at the Rhode Island School of Design), the designer learned into his ongoing fixation on nostalgia and the natural decay of clothing. But there's also a slightly more sinister undertone embedded in this range.

"When developing the garments, I was really inspired by horror movies and the prom as a vehicle of highlighting my own trauma from experiences of grief and queerness," Gordon tells PAPER.

The pieces from this editorial are currently available on the designer's web shop, and a few of these styles will also be available to purchase for Spring/Summer.

"For the shoot we wanted to showcase a girl coming home from a dance," he says. "Her hair, make-up, and outfits start to come un-done as she slowly realizes she's being followed and watched."

See more from the shoot in the gallery, below.


JT: Larger Than Life

Story by Brook Aster / Photography by Leanda Heler / Styling by Briana Andalore / Hair by Tevin Washington / Makeup by Eden Lattanzio / Nails by Tiny / Set design by Milena Gorum