This Is Why Everyone Thinks Frank Ocean Is Retiring

This Is Why Everyone Thinks Frank Ocean Is Retiring

Frank Ocean fans are ringing the alarms.

As first reported by HighSnobiety, anyone on Twitter who's ever cried alone in their bedroom to Channel Orangeiscurrently having a full-on freakout thanks to a mysterious rumor about the 35-year-old's potential retirement from music, with thousands of fans posting everything from reaction memes to "Bro if Frank Ocean retired fr imma be sick" to "please tell me this is a joke."

Granted, speculation surrounding the notoriously elusive artist's decision to ditch music isn't anything new. After all, rumors of his retirement have been swirling around for quite some time now, specifically for the past six years — a.k.a. when he dropped his last album, Blonde. So naturally, there were also a number of commenters who asked what exactly he was retiring from, seeing as how "he hasn't dropped a song in years."

But where did this rumor even come from? Well, it appears to stem from a rare interview with the "Thinkin Bout You" singer that was published earlier this month by The Week, in which he discussed the growing popularity of Homer and his current focus on the luxury jewelry brand.

“It’s funny because one of the things that was important for me especially with this kind of project was to counteract what I feel is popular today, that is being everywhere and everything for everyone all at once. Not the movie but yeah, this type of multiverse multi-discipline multi-task artist," as Ocean explained.

"We did not end up counteracting it totally, as our heads still do spin and we’re interested in so much. But for now, we make diamonds, and no telling what next," he said before adding that "twenty years of my life was about song-writing and recording music. I’d been in the studio since I was 12-and-a-half years old."

"My assumption was that some of what I developed in one field of art and business would be useful in the next field," Ocean continued. "But I still wanted to know more about exactly what I was doing before I did it.”

So honestly, this current speculation sounds like a bit of a stretch. Either way though, Ocean has yet to publicly respond to this latest batch of retirement rumors, so it's probably best to cool your jets for now. Because as one person wrote, everyone needs to "get the 'frank ocean is retired' shit off my feed, [because] i’m not mentally stable enough to see that." And that's something we agree is 100% a fact.

Photo via Getty / Jason Merritt