Frank Ocean to Launch Queer Club Night PrEP+

Frank Ocean to Launch Queer Club Night PrEP+

Frank Ocean may not have played a live show for years, but he's getting back into nightlife in a different way. Details are scarce, but Frank is launching a queer club night series called "PrEP+" and the first installation is tonight in New York City.

The party is named after the common HIV prevention drug, and according to a press statement, is meant to be an "homage to what could have been of the 1980s' NYC club scene if the drug (pre-exposure prophylaxis) — which can be taken daily to prevent HIV/AIDs for those who are not infected but are at high risk — had been invented in that era."

The announcement refers to it as a club night by Blonded — Frank's online moniker.

"This Thursday night a new party from @blonded called PrEP+ in NYC. PrEP+ is the first in a series of nights; an ongoing safe space made to bring people together and dance. PrEP+ will welcome globally celebrated DJs," reads a press statement.

Frank's already a hero of the queer community. His attention to the critical importance of safe nightlife spaces to queer people, and the devastation of queer nightlife in places like NYC will surely only make him more beloved.

So... can you go? Probably not unless you're somebody. It's invite only. According to a statement: "Ticket links have been distributed and the venue will be announced to ticket-holders on the evening of the night."

Okay... less cool. But hopefully tonight is a test run and future installations of PrEP+ will be more inclusive.

Hopefully, because damn, it sounds like a good party: "Club hours are 10pm-late...Consent is mandatory. Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form or discrimination. The dance floor is for dancing."

Aside from PrEP+, Frank is currently prepping a new album, which will step away from the vulnerable crooning that made him famous, and instead, is inspired by "Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic" and other "iterations of nightlife."

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