A Quick Guide To Frank Ocean's Newly Public Instagram

A Quick Guide To Frank Ocean's Newly Public Instagram

For an artist whose music takes fans through his deepest anxieties and most intimate romances, Frank Ocean is remarkably mysterious. He famously deleted his Twitter in 2013, and until this morning, his Instagram was hidden behind a big fat "This Account Is Private."

But today, for whatever reason, he has finally decided to let us in. As an announcement, he shared a shirtless mirror selfie with the the caption "welcome."

It's a young account (just over a year old), and Ocean isn't a prolific poster, averaging about a couple of posts a week, sometimes with multi-month long gaps in between. His content is sparse with captions and Frank doesn't appear concerned with a cohesive grid. Friendly but reserved, vulnerable but mysterious, relatable but not pandering, welcome to @blonded.

We've put together a quick guide to his 'grams, for those of you who don't have time to catch up on a year of Frank:

Showing off lewks: 

Famous friends:

Art and people he admires:

Fam pics:

Shoots and covers: 

Average work stuff:

Goofy shit:

Pups (including his late Good Boy, Everest):

Iconic ladies:

Travel pics:

Art inspo: 

And some pure, heartbreakingly Frank content:

Photo via BFA