Flume's Burning Man Oral Sex Moment Divides Fans

Flume's Burning Man Oral Sex Moment Divides Fans

Flume's latest performance is dividing fans thanks its explicit nature.

According to Pedestrian.TV, the DJ played Burning Man this past weekend and appeared to give his rumored girlfriend, Paige Elkington, oral sex mid-performance.

In a NSFW video that's since gone viral, Elkington can be seen with her rear end inches from Flume's face. The clip was reportedly uploaded to Elkington's Instagram story and was supposed spurred by a fan sign that read, "Does Flume even eat ass?"

And though the story has since been deleted, the video has stirred up quite the controversy amongst festival goers, many of whom were upset that Burning Man's anti-phone and social media stance was being violated.

"Put your phone away and def don't film your fav dj having a fun consensual moment with their s/o [significant other]," as one person wrote. That said, others appeared to love the moment, tweeting their praises and calling the video "relationship goals."

Neither Flume nor Elkington have responded to the hubbub, though you can see what the internet-at-large is saying, below.

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