Finn Ronsdorf Struggles With Possessive Love on 'Bloodline'

Finn Ronsdorf Struggles With Possessive Love on 'Bloodline'

Originally from Germany's Black Forest countryside, musician Finn Ronsdorf has spent the past few years slowly sharing singles (from "Ode to a Lost Love" to "Reaching for Cold Hands"), all of which led up to the 2020's impressive Odes EP. Stripped down and brutally raw, whether he's singing against a piano or fuzzy guitar, Ronsdorf's vocals have always shone through in his work.

Now, after some time away, he's back with a brand new release, "Bloodline," out today.

The song sees Ronsdorf joining forces with frequent collaborator Matt Lambert, who supports as his creative compass, and Director Jaron Albertin. Together, they made a visual that spotlights the musician alone at a piano, as the camera dances freely around him and computerized masks gradually frame his head like facial recognition.

"On the one hand, we are increasingly becoming subjugated by the forces of technology," Albertin says of the simple, but effective treatment. "On the other hand, we can reach beyond geographic and bodily restrictions to both connect with and be more than what our 'real' bodies might permit."

The lyrics of "Bloodline" address the complicated, unhealthy ways we claim ownership over our lovers in relationships. "Will we be selfish/ Until we're gone," Ronsdorf wonders, rolling through other existential questions: "What is God? What is love? When will we learn?" Though he sings, "I don't possess you," it's clear the artist struggles with fully believing that.

Ronsdorf will be performing in support of Mykki Blanco on Saturday, November 13 in Berlin. For ticket information, visit

Photo courtesy of Finn Ronsdorf