Enya Umanzor's Very Unfiltered Miu Miu Show Photo Diary

Enya Umanzor's Very Unfiltered Miu Miu Show Photo Diary

"The industry does not fuck with us," a candid Enya Umanzor told PAPERthe last time we caught up with her and fellow YouTuber Drew Phillips, the co-host of her wildly successful (and unhinged) comedy podcast Emergency Intercom.

"Sometimes it pisses me off but then I'm like, Maybe I'm being big-headed," she added. Indeed, the duo's unfiltered conversations and jokes about sex, narcissism and being egomaniacs don't exactly scream high fashion, but several brands have slowly caught on — Umanzor has since done paid projects with brands like Celine and Prada.

On the last day of Paris Fashion Week, the LA-based podcaster got to attend the Miu Miu show — the younger, quirkier counterpart of Miuccia Prada's mainline — to see experience the latest iteration of the brand's viral mini skirts, shrunken sweaters and sporty bra tops.

In the gallery below, Umanzor shares an exclusive photo diary with PAPER of her getting ready for the show where she reflects on the paparazzi, her beauty routine and the experience of seeing the Miu Miu runway in person.

I woke up way too late for how long I wanted to spend getting ready. The problem with me and getting ready is, I like to do it for way too long, and I never give myself enough time. I also haven’t been liking breakfast lately... but I knew I needed a coffee and a little bite before the show or I would be the most famished girl at the Miu Miu show. As I typed girl, I realized I am a woman and have been for some time now.

Photography: Enya Umanzor