Emily Ratajkowski's Ex Accused of Sexual Misconduct, 'Grooming' Teens

Emily Ratajkowski's Ex Accused of Sexual Misconduct, 'Grooming' Teens

Emily Ratajkowski's estranged husband is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to a new report by Variety, Uncut Gems producer Sebastian Bear-McClard has been accused of acting inappropriately on film sets by three unnamed women, some of whom were minors at the time. Their complaints were filed in August 2022 in connection to an ongoing legal dispute against the Ratajkowski's ex, shortly after the model filed for divorce amid cheating allegations. The first two statements allege sexual misconduct and the third claims that Bear-McClard had exhibited "troubling behavior," which the publication corroborated with "more than a dozen sources."

As relayed by Variety, the first statement came from a woman who met Bear-McClard on Instagram when she was 17. She said that the producer then invited her over to the Manhattan apartment he used to share with Ratajkowski, where he offered her a small role in Ben and Josh Safdie's critically acclaimed film, Good Time. However, the woman said she was unaware of what the role entailed and was "utterly stunned" and "terrified" to learn that she would have to stand naked in front of a dozen male cast and crew members. She also appeared to say that Bear-McClard misrepresented the opportunity, as she did not end up interacting with star Robert Pattinson. Instead, she was partnered up with another man who'd recently been released from prison and allegedly "whispered in [her] ear if ‘he could stick it in’ while the cameras rolled." The woman said she later went on to engage in a sexual relationship with Bear-McClard for the next two years.

The second woman said she was 18 when she met Bear-McClard on the set of Uncut Gems. He then allegedly began "grooming" her via Instagram and manipulated her into having sex by promising to help with her career, before claiming he once "inserted himself inside me without using a condom" without her consent. She also said that Bear-McClard called her derogatory slurs and tracked her with a phone app.

Additionally, the woman alleged that she confronted Bear-McClard over sending Instagram messages to a 15-year-old girl, saying that "Sebastian appeared pleased with himself and laughed at my comment. He did not deny my accusations." Others familiar with the situation later explained to Variety that Bear-McClard was eventually fired by the Safdies when they found out about the 15-year-old girl and realized he was also involved with a young assistant working on Uncut Gems.

Meanwhile, the third complaint does not explicitly mention sexual misconduct. Granted, it does comment on Bear-McClard's disturbing behavior.

Representatives for both Bear-McClard and Ratajkowski have declined to comment. In the meantime, you can read Variety's entire report on the allegations here.

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