Emergency Tiara's 'Dancing in the Living Room' Gets Remixed by Legends

Emergency Tiara's 'Dancing in the Living Room' Gets Remixed by Legends

Emergency Tiara's '70s-inflected "Dancing in the Living Room" is an anthem for the times, when clubs are all closed and our only form of escapism can happen at home. Still, frontwoman Juri Jinnai — who was born in Tokyo and lives in NYC — makes the remote occasion as glamorous as any night out in Manhattan. "Dance like no one's watching," she sings, her slithery voice roller skating above the production's rotating disco ball.

Today, Emergency Tiara returns with a full, new remix EP, featuring four updates from legendary DJs who either identify as queer or women: JD Samson (of Le Tigre fame), Rissa Garcia, Kim Anh and Nimmo.

"We are living in a men's world where everything is set by a handful of men as its default for a handful of men's views and conveniences," Emergency Tiara tells PAPER. "And that's only becoming louder and clearer day by day. Although I believe that the problems should be solved by the people who created them, we can still connect and collaborate with not only women, but anyone who doesn't fit in the very top tier of the food chain to create one huge energy wave of positive changes."

JD Samson

"The original song was so fun and catchy that I wanted to capture a different kind of 'dancing.' For me, producing music and especially making remixes is about creating a collage of elements that brings me joy and builds a new narrative for the song. This remix is my dance in my living room during quarantine meant as a cinematic journey through different sounds, genres and feelings." –JD Samson

She continues, saying that creating this project brought her "so much joy" during this unprecedented time. "As an immigrant female myself, I understand how important solidarity is with women of different backgrounds, gender expression and sexuality," Emergency Tiara says. "Since this is my first remix EP, I wanted to highlight some amazing women."

She allowed each DJ to bring their own interpretation to the original track — aptly from their living rooms — whether they've been quarantining in the UK (like Nimmo) or the Catskills (like Kim Anh). "The dance floor is such a place of community," Emergency Tiara says. "I wanted to try to keep that ideal going with these remixes during this time of social distance. What a thrill to see my own song getting remixed by these amazingly talented artists."

Stream the PAPER premiere of Emergency Tiara's Dancing in the Living Room Remix EP, below.

Photo courtesy of Emergency Tiara