Elliot Page on 'Life-Saving' Gender Affirmation Surgery

Elliot Page on 'Life-Saving' Gender Affirmation Surgery

It's been months since Elliot Page first opened up to the world and went public as a proud transgender man. The Umbrella Academy star posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, saying how "remarkable it feels" to pursue his "authentic self." He was also interviewed for a TIME magazine cover story in March, where he spoke on his privilege and wanting to use his platform to help other trans folk.

And in his first sit-down TV interview that aired on Friday, he spoke to Oprah about his experiences transitioning into the person he is today. He talked about body and gender dysphoria, and how he frequently got panic attacks. "There was so much press, so many premieres all around the world," Page said of the events following the premiere of Inception, which he starred in. "I was wearing dresses and heels to pretty much every single event." It all became too much at one point, and he recalls collapsing as a result.

Now, he's much more comfortable in his own body. Page told Oprah that gender affirmation surgery was something very significant that he had to go through. "I want people to know that not only has it been life-changing for me," he said. "I do believe it is life-saving and it's the case for so many people."

Oprah also asked the actor what made him happiest since transitioning and he got emotional answering the question. "It's getting out of the shower and the towel is around your waist, and you're looking at yourself in the mirror and you're just like, 'There I am,' and I'm not having the moment where I'm panicked." he shared. "It's being able to touch my chest and feel comfortable in my body probably for the first time."

Watch a clip from the Oprah interview below. You can stream the whole The Oprah Conversation episode here.

This interview comes at a crucial time, as 2021 has already become a record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation just four months in. Thirty-three states have already proposed more than 100 bills trying to curtail the rights of trans individuals in the country. And Arkansas became the first state to make gender-affirming treatment to minors illegal.

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