AOC, Jane Fonda and More Come Out to Support 'Earth Day Live'

AOC, Jane Fonda and More Come Out to Support 'Earth Day Live'

by Marissa Matozzo

On Earth Day, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the immense challenges we face with climate change, especially while we're still in the midst of a tumultuous global pandemic. But while many of us may be experiencing loss, anxiety and stress over sickness, financial hardships and job losses, among other problems, there is an opportunity to find common cause and take action in support of the climate.

Starting today and running through Friday, April 24, Earth Day Live, led by the US Youth Strike Coalition and Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition, will feature discussions on climate action featuring celebrities, musicians and politicians, as well as art builds, musical performances, and training sessions to support intersectional and intergenerational activism.

Local and national events can be accessed on the stream's website, where visitors can filter events that interest them based on the date and their location.

In lieu of in-person protests and marches, more than 500 organizations will take part in Earth Day Live for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. PAPER rounded up highlights from the livestream schedule, so that you can help Mother Earth wherever you are, and whenever you can:

April 22 — STRIKE:

Today, the goal for those who tune in is to help form a strike that aims to amplify the voices of Indigenous leaders and youth climate activists who are crucial members of the movement. Discussions about supporting front line workers, the Flint Water Crisis and other topics will be held and feature famous names such as Mark Ruffalo, Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix making appearances. Musical performances from Jason Mraz, Questlove, Roger Waters, and more will also be part of the programming.

April 23 — DIVEST:

The goal of tomorrow is for viewers to realize the importance of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and to think about the money that goes into the fossil fuel industry and how this is driving the climate crisis. Discussions featuring Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and more will be held along with performances by MARINA, Ziggy Marley, Ani DiFranco and many more artists.

April 24 — VOTE:

On Friday, activist Saad Amer will host a day full of events that encourage viewers to register to vote for environmental action. This includes a one-on-one conversation Amer will have with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with talks by Stacey Abrams and Jane Fonda, among other notable speakers. There will additionally be events encouraging viewers to call their senators and performances from musicians such as Cody Simpson and Dave Matthews.

Every day is Earth Day, and in these uncertain times, it is important to build community for us all to heal. The complete schedule for these three live streamed days is available here, as well as a list of all participants and more information.

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