The Dupont Twins Recount Their Emotional Gucci Show Experience

The Dupont Twins Recount Their Emotional Gucci Show Experience

Last week's Gucci show was hardly the first time the Dupont twins have walked down the runway together (past outings include shows for The Blonds and Staud), but it was the first time they walked in a show that celebrated twins as a whole in all their forms.

For many show-goers, it was thee highlight of Milan Fashion Week. Unbeknownst to everyone, two runway shows were going on at the same time, each separated by a wall that would ultimately lift up to reveal what's been happening: each sibling walked at the same time in the same look.

For the finale, all of the 68 sets of twins, including the Dupont sisters (Jake and Josie) came together to walk hand-in-hand down the runway, twin after twin. “To my twin mums, that were able to comprehend life only through the presence of the other,” wrote Alessandro Michele wrote in his show notes.

Many of my seatmates were in tears by the end of the show, thanks to a mix of emotions brought on by the solemn music and Marianne Faithful on the soundtrack, not to mention the wholesome experience of seeing twins coming together at last to hold hands.

Below, the Dupont twins recount their experience with PAPER of that emotional day in Milan.

On Learning That They'd Be Traveling Together

Jake: I found out that I was going to Milan for the casting. I didn’t tell her at first because I tend to keep things to myself until I’m confirmed for jobs.

Josie: When I called and told her I was going to Milan, we both cried, our mom is Italian and it has always been her dream to have us go to Italy so it was really major to be able to make that dream come true together.

On Finding Out About the Show's Twin Concept

Jake:I heard rumors that it was possibly all twins, but certainly didn’t think it was true or even possible to source that many sets of twins for a show. Once we got to the airport we started spotting sets of twins and knew that it was giving twins only.

Josie: I knew other twins that were going for the show but I thought it would be one or two double looks and only a few girls would make it.

On Meeting the Other Twin Models

Jake: Gucci had set us all up to stay at the same hotel. It was truly insane seeing so many twins in one spot. We spent a few days all together through castings and fittings and made so many new friends. The experience all together was so magical because it’s not every day we get to meet other twins that understand that dynamic, never mind staying with 60+ sets all in one place. We all had the best time talking about our experiences as twins and hearing about where we are all from. It felt like a Gucci Twin Convention.

Josie: I think it really put into perspective for all the twins, how we look from an outside perspective. All of us in one place was a trip.

On Walking the Gucci Show Together

Jake: We’ve walked together before and it’s always fun. But this was the most emotional, beautiful, heartwarming, and bonding experience. It did not feel like a runway show, it felt like we were being honored for our relationship, like we had just won an Oscar and our walk was the acceptance speech.

Josie: Walking with each other is incredible I think with this show Alessandro put in perspective how it feels for us as twins to exist in the world simultaneously and alone. It’s weird to know when we are not together there is someone who looks like me out there living a separate yet very similar life.

Photography: Matteo Canestraro-Bureau Future

On the Emotions Running Throughout

Jake: No words, just tears. Really though, it was the most emotional experience I’ve ever had with my sister. Even through rehearsal it was hard to keep from crying but once we walked the finale of the show I was so desperate to hold it together but I tried my best and just kept squeezing Josie’s hand to signal to her how much I loved her and loved this moment for us.

Backstage was a total mess (in the best way), people were literally sobbing and cheering, I’ve never seen anything like it. Josie and I got back to our changing area and just hugged for a long time and ugly cried. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to help showcase the relationship twins have.

On Wearing the Same Runway Looks

Jake: Our looks were so iconic! Tiger print gowns, gloves and headbands, all sequins, with cheetah print knee-high python boots, a large brooch with beaded fringe details at the collar; a chained head-piece that went from ear to ear and over the nose... they were accompanied by the most glamorous little black crystallized Gucci teddy bear bags with silver crystal Gucci monogram on the belly. Oh and we can’t forget the extra long extensions they put in that I low key left with, but that will be our secret.

On Having Milan Downtime

Jake: Technically we were on call the whole time for fittings and rehearsals and everything that happens before the show, so we weren’t supposed to go far, but twins are notoriously mischievous so we made time to sneak out. We went to the center, of course, and saw the cathedral and went shopping and eating in La Rinascente. We also met up with some friends and went to some Fashion Week parties and had some drinks to celebrate! Milan is such a beautiful city and I am so excited to come back and see more.

Photos courtesy of Gucci