Drake Gave DJ Khaled Toilets For His Birthday

Drake Gave DJ Khaled Toilets For His Birthday

Drake is here to make sure his entire posse has the best poops possible.

As proven by all of those viral "Rich Flex" memes, the Canadian rapper knows that a good booty can be the key to viral success. So whether that entails some scrubbing or a little bum bum cream, it makes sense to keep your behind as pristine as possible — and it seems as if DJ Khaled completely agrees.

This past weekend, the "We the Best" don celebrated his 47th birthday with a celebrity-studded bash at his Miami home. And while it's unclear whether Drake was able to make the party, Khaled's BFF was still able to show his appreciation for their friendship by gifting the producer four fancy as fuck toilets.

“Listen this is not no regular toilet bowl. My brother Drake just bought me and my family about four big toilet bowls,” Khaled said in a video posted to his Instagram, explaining that he and his wife have been "wanting" these luxurious toilets for a while now.

“This is called a Toto toilet bowl. If you ever been to Drake’s house, his toilet bowls are incredible," he continued before adding, "I ain’t try it yet, but I’m hearing there’s some music involved.”

That said, we definitely understand Khaled's excitement. After all, in addition to singing a cute little jingle when in use, Toto's toilets also come equipped with some serious add-ons, including a UV light cleaning system, air deodorizer, heated seats and a multi-function bidet. And now, Khaled will be able to install these hi-tech porcelain thrones all over his house, specifically his en suite bathroom, the guest restroom, the movie room and the studio — which he also explained would be Drake's special toilet.

"Everybody knows, when you sit down and do the theory, that’s when you meditate and reflect on life. So when you sit down and do the theory, ideas be coming. Some of my best ideas come from me taking a theory. Now that’s real talk," he said. "And I got one now that lights up and it sprays theory and it even makes it smell theory. And it’s like a big theory."

Khaled added, "Drake we love you, brother.”

Check out Drake's splashy gift via DJ Khaled's Instagram below.

Photos via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic & Arturo Holmes / FilmMagic