Donald Glover Voices Time's Up Sexual Harassment PSA

Donald Glover Voices Time's Up Sexual Harassment PSA

Actress and activist Rashida Jones has been involved with the Time's Up movement for months. Now, she has directed a PSA about the nuances of sexual harassment in the workplace.

She toldBuzzfeed, "There's been a lot of discussion about whether that's even fair to link someone pinching an ass or something off-color at work to an actual assault. I think a lot of people struggle with the connection, because they think it's dramatic to connect the two. So the PSA is intended to explain that there are these nuanced dynamics that are happening when there's a power imbalance."

The PSA is modeled after Blue Seat Studio's "Tea Consent" video, which went viral in 2015 and likened consent in sexual situations to making someone a cup of tea, namely stating that if someone doesn't want tea, or sex, you shouldn't force it on them, even if they once said they did want, or if they've said they want it in the past. Rachel Brian, who works at Blue Seat Studios, worked with Jones on this PSA as well.

Donald Glover, the rapper and creator of FX's Atlanta, is the voice of the video, because Jones felt it was important to engage men in the conversation too. The black and white animated video is a little under 3 minutes long, and outlines frequently asked questions about what is and is not appropriate behavior in the workplace. It outlines "unwelcome touching," dating coworkers, navigating unequal power dynamics, and how not to be complicit in other peoples' problematic behavior.

Watch the entire video here.

Photo via BFA