The Dominick Hotel: A Perfect Spot For NYC Music Lovers

The Dominick Hotel: A Perfect Spot For NYC Music Lovers

By Erica CampbellJan 19, 2024

From a rapper’s grandiose penthouse delight to the sleaziest dive bars spinning vinyl, PAPER is giving you a first-hand look into the Big Apple’s most hype-worthy music experiences — straight from the music editor's mouth. Are you or someone you love feeling restless in the city that never sleeps? Here’s what you should be doing (seriously!).

Rooftop pool, Michelin-star restaurant and a penthouse suite boasting curated art (oh my!). The Dominick Hotel, which sits at the cross street of Spring and Varick in SoHo, is a veritable gift bag of a one-stop lux experience. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? On a chilly holiday weekend in NYC, PAPER decided to investigate.

The initial draw for us however (other than the surprise champagne and caviar delivery from Chef Shaun of their restaurant, Vestry, upon arrival) was its sweet spot of a location for audiophiles seeking in-person experiences. The Dominick is daringly close to the Lower East Side’s best haunts and just a quick 30-minute (or less) jaunt to nearby music venues. It’s no wonder that the hotel (the only independent five-diamond hotel in New York City, thank you very much) has become a magnet for rappers, comedians and musicians who want a fancy hotel experience while being conveniently located near their workplace (aka venues like Irving Plaza, Mercury Lounge, Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall and Racket that are just a few subway stops away).

During PAPER’s stay, some of the most approachable and accessible aspects of the hotel stood out as swoon-worthy. Take El Ta’Koy, the onsite restaurant serving Hawaiian street food and bomb-ass cocktails (that’s a technical term). I’d suggest the SoHo Sparkler (a prosecco-based drink that will make you forget at least one existential crisis) and their tasty salmon tostada appetizer, perfect for a concert pre-game snack. There’s also the Sisley Spa which has only three locations in the US and comes with a full menu of post-celebratory healing experiences like a 90-minute zen harmony body ritual that allowed me to see god and also zone out enough to figure out the intro for this column.

The hotel has also put in the work when it comes to leaning into what makes NYC so NYC. They’ve turned a penthouse suite into a full-on gallery, showing off artwork from street artist Paul Richard. While cosplaying as a singer-songwriter taking a break from an arduous (and successful... obviously) tour, the suite was PAPER’s perfect sound stage.

Though our investigation did land the usual suspects that make a place stay-worthy (the panoramic drool-inducing views of the city, extremely chill public areas that make you feel like you’re in some sort of vibey library or the ability to rub shoulders with the entertainment industry most jet-setty), the final verdict is that The Dominick’s staff is the standout perk when it comes to the experience. Whether it was the special treats from MOD they sent us with “PAPER” printed on them, or the woman doing turn-down service taking a break to help you go from basic to boujee by assisting you in cracking open your caviar tin, or the waitress at El Ta’Koy who joined us in our pre-gig shit-talking session, it’s the people that stood out, proving once again that the best part of NYC has nothing to do with where you are but who you’re with. Sure, come for the art, the sick location but when you’re nursing a hangover from the kind of night the only New York City can provide, you’ll be happy you stayed for the hospitable vibe.

Photography: Berta Amelinaite