Christian Dior Couture Sues Porn Star Gigi Dior

Christian Dior Couture Sues Porn Star Gigi Dior

Dior is accusing an adult entertainer of "diluting" its brand.

According to a new report from Page Six, Christian Dior Couture is suing "hot MILF" porn star Gigi Dior for trademarking her stage name last year, arguing that she's negatively affecting the high fashion brand's reputation.

“All goods and services … are opposed, namely: Entertainment services … personal appearances by a porn star … providing a web site featuring non-downloadable adult-themed photographs and videos," the French fashion house's filing read, adding that Gigi's trademark created a "likelihood of confusion, dilution by blurring and dilution by tarnishment.”

In response, Gigi spoke to the outlet about the trademark appeal and said that her "name has nothing to do with couture," quipping that "the funny part is — what I do usually involves wearing no clothes at all."

“I trademarked my stage name for entertainment and modeling purposes, I had to show proof of what I was using the name for, so I used appearances at exotica, and a website for confirmation … My request was granted,” as the New York-based entertainer continued, before explaining that she's "built a brand around this name."

Gigi added, "It has become me and my reputation, so it’s really devastating to think I might have to start from scratch and rebrand everything."

Not only that, but Page Six also reported that Gigi previously hit back at Christian Dior Couture's claim on Twitter, calling the suit "ridiculous."

"This is the face you make when you learn that a company with over 50 billion dollars in revenue took legal action against you … PLEASE RETWEET THIS. I need to spread the word," she wrote. "CHRISTIAN DIOR is appealing my APPROVED US Patent and Trademark on my name Gigi Dior.” That said, Gigi's Twitter account appears to have since been suspended. She now has until November 17 to present a written response to the French fashion house's appeal.

Christian Dior Couture has yet to respond. In the meantime though, you can read Page Six's full report on the lawsuit here.

Photo via Shutterstock / ZDL