Escape to David Koma’s Fashion-Filled 3D World

Escape to David Koma’s Fashion-Filled 3D World

by Dylan Kelly

David Koma — the Georgia-bred, London-based fashion designer whose brand has become synonymous with provocative, body-contouring designs and sculptural statement silhouettes — has taken his transformative vision one step further with a three-dimensional, virtual world for his Resort 2021 campaign.

The idea transpired in one of Koma's quarantine daydreams — in the face of the global pandemic and the confines of travel restrictions, the designer took a deep dive into a fantasy world where reality's turmoil was non-existent. That dream, paired with a love for three-dimensional computer graphics and digital art, set Koma's fashion-filled, virtual escape plans in motion.

Enlisting an international team of creatives — each of whom never actually met in real life — Koma was able to digitally remaster his design sketches onto the first-ever digital Koma Girl: Tamar M. A figment of his imagination, the digitized muse's name is a nod to 12th century Queen Tamar of Georgia — the first woman to rule David's motherland — who powerfully elevated the country to its zenith in the Middle Ages.

Indulge in David Koma's virtual style haven, below.

Photos courtesy of David Koma