Jump Into Cydnee With a C's Colorful Comic World

Jump Into Cydnee With a C's Colorful Comic World

Los Angeles-based singer Cydnee with a C has been singing all her life, boasting collaborations with the likes of OG Maco and Trippie Redd off the strength of her rich, buttery croon evocative of early '00s R&B stars. However, recent singles and rumblings of the singer show another side to her that ushers in a new chapter for the young star.

Now, the singer is embracing other parts of herself such as her passion for all things K-pop and her newfound love for the controlled chaos of drum and bass music. With her airy falsetto gliding over frenetic percussion, the Atlanta-born singer is part of a larger wave of artists bringing their sultry and delicate R&B into new territories. Today, she announces her forthcoming EP, Confessions of a Fan Girl, which synthesizes old and new, setting the stage for Cydnee to explore this newfound genre with everything she's built up over the years, cherishing the intensity of pure fangirl devotion.

For her most recent (and aptly titled) Valentine's Day single "As Long As You Love Me," her sound comes together in perfect harmony. In the accompanying video, which premieres today on PAPER, HER frantic movements mimic a flipbook as she ponders a relationship that requires a bit more effort so she can finally let love in. She scribbles on walls and stabs teddy bears, slowly filling in the blank spaces with the love, care and color she rightfully deserves.

Below, watch the PAPER video premiere of "As Long As You Love Me" and keep scrolling to read a short Q&A with Cydnee about all things K-pop, fandom and passion.

Being a fan girl is so fun but it also has some negative connotations. How has that part of your life impacted you and influenced your artistry?

Yeah, some people don’t understand being obsessively passionate. Maybe they haven’t connected with something they really love yet. No shade lol. Every fan is different but for me, fangirling inspires my creativity, dreams and ideas. To me, obsession is passion and passion is purpose. There’s a reason why you’re so obsessed. Do it, love it!

Listening to your earlier work and your new stuff shows how you've become more comfortable dialing into other facets of your artistry and interests. What has it been like to explore new sounds and avenues?

I introduced my producer Aktion Jackson to K-pop and he introduced me to drum and bass music. I’ve never been the same. It’s fun and stimulates my senses more than anything. Confessions of a Fangirl will definitely be a drum and bass project.

Who is your dream K-pop collab?

Oh my goodness, right now it would be Bibi or Hwasa from MAMAMOO.

You emphasize community, from family and friends to the larger K-Pop community you've found online. What communities do you hope to foster around you?

I’m not going to lie, I love the ASMR community! And anybody that can’t live without music is a part of the same community as me. I listen to everything from Coldplay to Sade to Blackpink.

What is the most treasured part of this forthcoming EP that you're excited to share?

The genre. Drum and bass is so fire. I love how me and Jackson are creating our own lil' sound and style. I can’t wait for people to connect with it.

Photo courtesy of Ty Crane