CoverGirl Goes Cruelty Free

CoverGirl Goes Cruelty Free

Easy, breezy, cruelty free. CoverGirl, an icon of the drugstore aisle, just became the biggest makeup brand to gain a Leaping Bunny certification. That's the international gold standard for cruelty free cosmetics, and it means none of its products or ingredients are tested on animals at any point in the supply chain. Yay!

A press release states that CoverGirl's products will now be certified cruelty free wherever they're sold — the brand doesn't stock in China, where animal testing is a requirement for all cosmetics.

It also highlights the relative affordability of CoverGirl compared to prestige cruelty free brands, saying that cruelty free "cosmetics should be affordable and available to everyone... the more people who can find and afford cruelty free makeup, the better."

CoverGirl is working with Cruelty Free International, the organization behind Leaping Bunny, to further advocate for beauty industry change. The end goal is to end animal testing globally. CoverGirl's parent company Coty has committed to eliminating animal testing within all of its brands by 2020.

The brand wokeness doesn't end there: CoverGirl also encouraged its Instagram followers to get out and vote today, preferably while wearing winged, non-animal-tested eyeliner.

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