Court Documents Reveal Even More Details Of Johnny Depp's Bonkers Spending Habits

Court Documents Reveal Even More Details Of Johnny Depp's Bonkers Spending Habits

Leaked legal documents printed from the sue-counter-sue saga raging between Johnny Depp and his former financial management team, TMG, have given us a very intimate look into this strange pirate man's lifestyle choices. Today, a new batch of docs issued by TMG, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, take us even deeper into the odd and perplexing universe of Depp's bank statements. Join us, won't you? *thunder clap*

To review the case as it stands, Johnny claimed that TMG mismanaged his funds and owes him damages, while TMG claimed that Johnny knew he was over-spending, and his ludicrous financial habits could not be controlled by man or beast. I'll let you guess which side had the receipts. Over the past few months, we learned that the actor has a $2 million monthly spending habit, which memorably includes $200k for private planes, a $30k line item for wine, along with some extra discretionary spending for "rare guitars" and a custom $3mil cannon to blast Hunter S Thompson's ashes over the unsuspecting people of Aspen. (Side note: Does the phrase "rare guitar collection" send a chill up your spine, or is that just me?).

TMG was asked to make some amendments to their initial complaint, which they did today, and so they went ahead and sprinkled it with more EVEN MORE insane disclosures from their doomed quest to convince Johnny to spend less money. The shady bitches at TMG will also have you know that in addition to the $75mil worth of real estate and $18mil luxury yacht we already knew about, Johnny racked up more than $500k in rental fees to store his Hollywood memorabilia collection, spent $17k on handbags and luggage at Prada, and splashed out on a $7k sofa from the set of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as a gift to his daughter Lily-Rose. Just what every girl dreams of, I'm sure!

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