Summer Walker Criticized For 'Racist' Coronavirus Post

Summer Walker Criticized For 'Racist' Coronavirus Post

Summer Walker is under fire for perpetuating "racist" and "xenophobic" narratives in her recent post about the coronavirus.

Earlier this week, Walker shared a video titled of people in China — where the outbreak originated — "spreading the coronavirus to the public" to her Instagram. She also wrote in the caption, "That's some trifling nasty ass shit."

However, as several commenters pointed out, the footage used in the video is two years old. Not only that, but many accused her of using her large platform to disseminate misinformation and anti-Asian xenophobia.

"I'm really disappointed," as one person wrote. "Spreading this kind of propaganda about the coronavirus/generalizing an entire ass group of people without any context perpetuates a cycle of unnecessary hate and ignorance."

Meanwhile, others argued that Walker had no problem using Asian aesthetics and anime culture in her work before "[turning] around and is racist to Asian people" to spread "fake ass news to fit her racist narrative."

Unfortunately, Walker doubled down on her post by responding to fans with comments like, "all I saw was some nasty shit period, idgaf if my mama did that shit, it's fucking nasty."

And though Walker deleted the video following the backlash, she also decided to follow-up with a series of Instagram stories defending herself.

"Lol people so dumb, talking about I'm racist and that video was from a long time ago," she wrote. "It don't matter if it was from 20 years ago, bottom line that shit nasty & IDGAF if a black white yellow or green person did that shit, it's still nasty." She also wrote, "& why I ain't here about none of this 'xenophobic shit' when mf's had ebola? LOL."

Walker has since deleted her entire account. See screenshots of her response, below.

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