PAPER x Club Quarantine Will Party Tonight With Tinashe, Kim Petras and More
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PAPER x Club Quarantine Will Party Tonight With Tinashe, Kim Petras and More

ZOOM CODE: 414 053 144

Every night at 9 PM EST, they throw wild, digital raves on Zoom, the web conferencing app we've all been spending our lives on since social distancing began. From nine to five, Zoom is used mostly for business, but after dark it's for pleasure — and PAPER is joining forces with Club Quarantine to create the ultimate release.

Tonight, PAPER x Club Quarantine will feature live DJ sets from both Tinashe and Kim Petras alongside her longtime producer Aaron Joseph. Rising DJs Myst Milano and Lez Pop will round out the night, featuring drag performances from Chicago's Lucy Stoole and Montreal's Denim Pussy. The party is three hours long, and hits capacity at 1,000 guests.

For entrance into PAPER x Club Quarantine, you'll need a Zoom code, which will be announced to the public right here tonight at 9 PM EST. Stans, you'll want to watch this space closely — and run, don't walk, to enter the party.

With Zoom, you can drop in backgrounds to make the party even more fun. So we commissioned five custom artworks from Team Rolfes, a 3D performance and image house, for you to play with tonight at PAPER's Club Quarantine party. From surreal mountain landscapes to colorful heart-shaped blobs, escape from your boring quarantines for a few hours — nothing feels real anymore, anyway.

Check out all five, below, and click here to download them.

For party tips and etiquette, follow Club Quarantine on Instagram (@clubquarantine).