Christopher Kane Showed an 'Ecosexual' Collection at LFW

Christopher Kane Showed an 'Ecosexual' Collection at LFW

Christopher Kane has never been one to avoid sexual references in his shows. The London Fashion Week stalwart has a history of incorporating fetishistic, sexual, and erotic elements in his designs, approaching it with refinement rather than vulgarity. Who could forget his "Joy of Sex" dress from Spring 2019, or his Fall 2015 lineup of jumbled limbs and naked bodies simulating sex? This season, however, mother nature is the object of desire. The show notes state that the "Ecosexual" collection encourages us to be "intimate with nature by indulging in earthly pleasures" and to "make love with the wind, sleep with the stars and feel the flowers." So how did that translate for Spring 2020? Here's everything you need to know about the collection.

Outer Space

Galaxies and stars get the high fashion treatment as prints in babydoll dresses and elongated coats. The phrase "Eco Sex" literally appears in green letters against the cosmic night sky.

Flash Attack

Kane's signature neon colors are back this season, with neon green leading the pack.

Flower Girl

Fields of an abundance of wildflowers in bloom capture the nature element the most, with coats, skirts, and dresses all featuring the greenery.

Swing Swing

Voluminous dresses in tiers of chiffon and ruffles swung freely and added plenty of movement and fluidity.

Fertile Ground

Recalling past collection, Kane incorporated imagery of fallopian tubes and ovaries in shirts, dresses, and bodice decorations, whether they were cutouts or subtle design elements.

Lead Photo via Getty / Runway Photos Courtesy of Christopher Kane