Christian Siriano Will Make Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Supply Shortage

Christian Siriano Will Make Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Supply Shortage

Christian Siriano is stepping up to the plate in response to a critical shortage of face masks caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Currently, doctors and nurses are reporting that they're severely under-equipped when it comes to having protective gear such as face masks and gloves — something the designer responded to by offering up his team's mask-making services.

"If @NYGovCuomo says we need masks my team will help make some," he tweeted earlier today. "I have a full sewing team still on staff working from home that can help."

Naturally, NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo replied to Siriano's proposition by writing, "Appreciate his help so much. Who's next." And, thankfully, his prompt was also answered by a number of other volunteers looking to help.

In the wake of all this, Siriano told Harper's Bazaar that he's working on "logistics now; who will get them first, how many we can physically make." According to him, he hopes that his team will be able to a thousand masks in a few days for a wide variety of medical professionals, receptionists, and social workers who are working at the moment.

"I am just in a unique scenario where I manufacture everything in New York already, I have a working atelier and everyone's working from home, and my office is a townhouse. We're just able to make them," Siriano told the publication, before adding that while "they will not be pretty" or "fashionable in any way," his goal is to just produce "a basic white mask that hopefully will help."

See his posts about it, below.

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