Chloe Lilac's 'Moderation' Goes Off the Deep End

Chloe Lilac's 'Moderation' Goes Off the Deep End

If there's one thing we love about Chloe Lilac, it's her ability to be unafraid in the face of messy honesty. And just in case you needed proof of this, look no further than the Brooklyn-based newcomer's DIY video for "Moderation." Always one for being open, Lilac takes her vulnerability — in all of its highs and lows — to the next level.

Packed full of relatable quips about "having resting bitch face" and "hooking up with misfits," interspersed between a sample of the iconic hook from Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag," this candid offering from Lilac's forthcoming sophomore EP is a sardonic, instantly anthemic take on a spiral "off the deep end."

The Sony Digital Handycam Chloe Lilac used to shoot "Moderation."

And much like the song itself, the video for "Moderation" is a grunge-y, intimate glimpse into Lilac's life. Frenetic, refreshingly lo-fi, and filled with glitchy, night vision shots of her jamming in her bedroom, the entire production feels ripped straight from her diary — and we're more than happy to hear what she has to say.

Watch the video for "Moderation," below.

Photo courtesy of RCA Records