Chateau Marmont Employees Win Historic Union Contract

Chateau Marmont Employees Win Historic Union Contract

After a months-long standoff, workers at the iconic Chateau Marmont have reached an agreement with hotelier Andre Balazs for better wages, vacation time, and immigrant protections.

According to Page Six, protests began at the beginning of the pandemic when nearly 250 employees were abruptly let go without insurance or severance. In addition to these COVID-era layoffs, staff spoke up against alleged rampant racial discrimination and other toxic management practices.

Workers called for a total boycott of the property, earning the support of stars such as Jane Fonda and Amanda Seyfried. Among the most notable protests took place outside Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscars 2022 party, attended by the likes of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Now with the help of Southern California hospitality union Unite Here Local 11, the Chateau Marmont staff has negotiated for non-tipped workers to receive an immediate pay increase of 25%. Meanwhile, those who work over 60 hours per month will receive family health insurance as well as a pension fund.

Other protections include the provision of free legal services for immigration, consumer and tenant issues. And for those who observe, Juneteenth will be set aside as a paid holiday.

Opened in 1929, Chateau Marmont is a West Hollywood mainstay that has played host to icons spanning from the Silent Era to the Brat Pack and modern-day stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

Upon the finalization of the union agreement, Balazs released a statement saying, “We believe that this reinforces the foundation of the Chateau’s historic success: the hotel’s commitment to its guests and employees, both of which are famous for their loyalty and longevity.”

Photo via Getty Images / AFP / Valerie Macon