Charli XCX Wants To Be a Mom

Charli XCX Wants To Be a Mom

by Peyton Gatewood

Charli XCX isn’t letting her snub at this year's Grammys rain on her parade. Her latest album, Crash, proved to be her most commercially successful yet, topping the charts in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Not only that: she’s set to perform at WorldPride in Sydney, Australia later this month. Her latest release is a remix of Caroline Polachek’s “Welcome to my Island,” recorded with the singer’s boyfriend and producer George Daniel, who happens to play drums in The 1975.

“Welcome to my Island” revisits Charli’s coquettish, noncommittal nature showcased in songs like “Good Ones” and “Boys” with the same fun and dynamic production. The twist is in the lyrics: “I won't lie, yeah, I've always been afraid to commit/ But now I've fallen so hard, it's a total eclipse/[...] I want a white dress, country sidе house, and kids.”

The Essex-raised singer confirmed her relationship with Daniel in the spring of last year, and the two have been virtually inseparable ever since, making it Instagram official everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to the Brit Awards. When the Sydney Morning Heraldasked about those lyrics, the singer was giddy.

“Oh my god, that’s so literal. I want to be wifed up, I want to have a big fat belly with a baby in it,” the singer said. “I don’t really want to live in the countryside, that’s the only lie in that because I love cities. But yeah, I’m just so in love right now and I think I’d be a really hot mum, so it’s like, why not? But I don’t know. Like, maybe it won’t happen? I’m just saying I’m interested, and before I’ve never even been interested. So why not just put it all into a Caroline Polachek remix, you know?”

“She’s already mother,” fans joked on Twitter. “She's pushed the boundaries of pop for so long it only makes sense for her to start pushing out babies to carry on her legacy,” another replied.

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