Charli XCX Talks Cher and Poppers

Charli XCX Talks Cher and Poppers

by Marissa Matozzo

Mother of Angels Charli XCX sat down with PAPER for our newest YouTube video (subscribe here!), in which she took our Love Language Quiz.

Wearing shimmering winged eye makeup and layered silver necklaces, the musician chose between riding in a lavender Lamborghini (which she compares to Regina George) or a white Mercedes, collaborating with "Believe"-era Cher or 808s & Heartbreak-era Kanye, listening to The Spice Girls alone or at a party, and of course, whether an angel declaring their love for her or requesting "Taxi" at a concert is more meaningful.

"If you're screaming 'Play Taxi' at a Charli XCX show, then you're a true fan," Charli said. She also chose between seeing a fan ink themselves with her "XCX" logo or song lyrics. (Honestly, I'd get both.)

Watch the Number 1 Angel find out what her love language is, whether it's Autotuned Words of Affirmation, Acts of Room Service, Hey QT: Quality Time, A "Girl's Night Out," or "Fancy" Gifts. Then, revisit her latest album, Charli, below.

Photo via YouTube