Charli XCX Balancing on a Jet Ski in '2099' Is Gay Rights

Charli XCX Balancing on a Jet Ski in '2099' Is Gay Rights

If you needed another reason to stan Charli XCX this week in the wake of the release of her self-titled album, here it is: Charli XCX can balance, serve face, and lip sync all while maneuvering a jet ski. Queen of water sports!

The singer's third studio album, Charli, was released this past Friday to immediate fanfare from Angels around the world, with some of the highest praise being saved for the record's finale, "2099," which features her frequent collaborator, Troye Sivan. The song is a zooming level-up track, cutting straight through the century and putting Charli and Troye at the center of a warbled bass-pop dialogue in the future.

While Charli's clever balancing is impressive, what's more impressive is the massive lineup of jet skis that flank her at all times, flipping upside down, swerving, and following her through the sea. It's like watching a series of electronic dolphins dip in and out of view, pairing perfectly with the distant synths and gargles of the instrumental. By the end, you get a sense that she really is leading the charge toward the future, accompanied by Troye in an oversized helmet.

Stream Charli, below, and read Charli XCX's track-by-track breakdown, here.

Photo via YouTube