Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Cruise Show Was Literally On a Cruise Ship

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Cruise Show Was Literally On a Cruise Ship

OK, so the headline is slightly misleading BUT, Karl Lagerfeld did create a cruise ship setup inside of Paris' Grand Palais, for Chanel's 2019 cruise collection. It gives a whole new meaning to taking things literally.

And Chanel is nothing if not a brand connected to its storied history of elegance and glamour. The ship was named La Pausa, after Coco Chanel's summer home on the French Riviera, because of course it was. SS La Pausa was then not only the setting for the nautical collection, but the site of the brand's after-party. Now that brings a chicer new meaning to that unfortunate "I'm on a boat" craze (thank goodness), started in 2009 by walking meme-band The Lonely Island. (That's not shade! They're really into comedy!)

This latest display of eleganza is part of Chanel's inimitable record for memorably staged runway shows: For their Fall '18 show, an enchanted forest with running waterfalls; for Fall '17, a rocket was launched inside the Palais; in 2014, attendees went to a Chanel-themed grocery store, though I doubt the could actually eat or buy anything, which: chic.

In the collection was 88 looks, featuring the brand's iconic tweed patterns, pastel-colored nautical stripes, silk trousers, and, of course, berets galore. Oh, and handbags doubled as flotation devices because if you're going all Titanic with it, you might as well look amazing if you somehow fall overboard.

Chanel's newest face, Margot Robbie was there of course, and I'm stealing her look immediately. HAY KARL.

Catch the other looks from the show, here.

Photo via BFA