Celebs Urge Fans to Vote on National Voter Registration Day

Celebs Urge Fans to Vote on National Voter Registration Day

by Morgan Noll

Registering to vote is today's hottest trend — just ask the masses of celebs taking to social media to ask fans to register on National Voter Registration Day. Millions of Americans are unable to vote each year because they miss the deadline, don't update their registration, or simply don't know how to register. The eighth annual national holiday aims to cut that number way back. The quick way to do so? Enlist the celebs.

Celebrities can have a serious, undeniable impact on the political climate. Before last year's midterms, Taylor Swift, who recently rebranded with a public political agenda, caused mass voter registration after posting a CTA, with 65,000 registrations in a 24-hour period. In July, Ariana Grande broke voter registration records on her Sweetener tour after partnering with the non-profit HeadCount. HeadCount has also raked in the support from other fan faves like Billie Eilish, King Princess, Blac Chyna, and more.

As explained in the graphic shared by Tracee Ellis Ross, you probably need to register if you've moved, changed your name, or just turned 18. If you're not sure if your registration is up to date, text "CHECK" to 504-09 to find out.

Scroll to see more of the celebs who are using their platforms to ask fans to register to vote.

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