Stream Casey MQ's 'Born This Way' Anniversary Mix

Stream Casey MQ's 'Born This Way' Anniversary Mix

Over the weekend, PAPER and Club Quarantine joined forces with Lady Gaga to celebrate 10 years of Born This Way, her 2011 epic packed with stadium-sized anthems about bad kids, government hookers and highway unicorns.

For three hours over Zoom, Little Monsters around the world came together virtually in their favorite Gaga-inspired gear to dance and raise money for the Born This Way Foundation in an effort to promote kindness and fund research for youth mental wellness.

There were Chromatica jockstraps, The Fame-era sunglasses and plenty of glitter eye makeup present throughout the night.

Club Quarantine Co-Founder — and breakout solo artist — Casey MQ closed out the party with a 45-minute DJ set that sent ravers in the Zoom chat spiraling — mostly because of the Toronto musician's finale remix of "Yoü and I."

A glistening, whimsical take on the country-inspired single, MQ's version finds a happy, rainbow-hued home between Nebraska cornfield rock and Twitter stan hyperpop.

It's absolutely perfect and you all demanded it, so here she is. Stream "i'm with god" by Casey MQ, below, and keep donating to the Born This Way Foundation, here.

Photography: Kirk Lisaj