Casey Frey Has a New Boyfriend

Casey Frey Has a New Boyfriend

by Dante Silva

Today is for the gays. The second half of Pride has begun with quite the surprise — social media personality Casey Frey came out as bisexual, announcing he has a new boyfriend. That is, a surprise to some — others were quick to remark "of course casey frey is bi no straight man could be that hot and funny."

This comes after Frey was featured on Theo Von's podcast This Past Weekend, revealing he has been "in a relationship with a dude" who he "met online."

Von responded "I never dated a man," to which Frey replied "I didn't either until recently. It turned out he was cool. We kind of just vibed out."

"Vibing out" is something Frey has become synonymous with — he rose to fame on Vine for his eccentric personality, though it was a video of wood-chopping set to the DVBBS song "GOMF" which made him nearly ubiquitous. Indeed, Frey has nearly 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Youtube.

His fans certainly have their own thoughts on his relationship — there's been an outpouring of support for Frey and his boyfriend, rumoured to be Joshua Elias Haynesworth-Polen.

Others only regret the fact that Frey's no longer single:

Either way, everyone seems to support Frey wholeheartedly — as they should — wishing the best for him and his "teddy bear" boyfriend.

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