Cardi B Responds to the Plastic Surgery Shamers

Cardi B Responds to the Plastic Surgery Shamers

Cardi B is responding to the people who shame her for getting plastic surgery.

In a now-deleted clip posted to her Instagram over the weekend, the rapper took aim at the "natural bitches" who take issue with these procedure and leave her comments like, "'Ugh, your body's fake. Ugh, plastic this, plastic that.'"

"Am I bugging? Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other?" she wrote in the caption.

"Let me tell you something," Cardi said in the video. "I don't like talking shit about bitches' bodies because I remember the struggle, baby. I remember when I had no motherfucking titties and I remember when I had a fun-sized ass."

Not only that, but Cardi also touched on having a strong sense of self-confidence, before saying, "if you confident in yourself, you don't gotta be under the next bitch's comments talking about her body."

"Y'all talking shit under these bitches' bodies because y'all want it or what? 'Cause it sounds like you hatin'," she said.

See what Cardi had to say, in full, below.

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