Cara Delevingne's New Runway Walk Is Going Viral

Cara Delevingne's New Runway Walk Is Going Viral

It's hard to believe Cara Delevingne was once a ubiquitous presence on the Fashion Week circuit. It's been years since she was a runway fixture, walking regularly for the likes of Fendi, Stella McCartney and Burberry. Remember when she was a literal Chanel bride at one point?

Which is why it was rather surprising to see Delevingne return to her roots in a way on Thursday, one of the very few times she's walked for a brand since she started to gradually focus her efforts away from modeling in the middle of the last decade. (Since early 2019, she's only done a few Savage x Fenty shows and walked for Kim Jones' couture debut at Fendi. None have been at Fashion Week.)

Last night, Delevingne was the penultimate model to emerge at the Ami show, held outside the Sacré Coeur basilica in Montmartre during Paris Fashion Week Men's. She stormed out in a confident strut to the soundtrack's thumping beat in stovepipe pants, strappy stilletos, white blouse and slick leather jacket.

But what seemed to tickle some users was the way Delevingne's shoulders moved briskly in an exaggerating motion while has hands stayed in her pockets. Was this her new walk? Or just something she tried for the show? Whatever it was, it was certainly a departure from her usual struts — though, to be fair, she always walked with a little bit of pep at her peak.

Add to it the fact that she's been showing some odd public behavior lately and you can see why there's more layers to yesterday's fashion cameo. But that wasn't the whole story, of course! After Delevingne took her lap, legendary supermodel Kristen McMenamy closed the show in all her white-haired glory, who, at 57, is actually walking more shows than Delevingne these days.

See below for more reactions to Cara Delevingne's runway walk at Ami.

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