The Internet Reacts to Cara Delevingne's Night at the BBMAs

The Internet Reacts to Cara Delevingne's Night at the BBMAs

by Hedy Phillips

We’re not sure if we can say confidently Cara Delevingne was living her best life at this weekend’s Billboard Music Awards, but she was certainly living. Not one to simply attend an event, snap a few pictures and go on her merry way, Delevingne instead stole the spotlight at every turn.

For one thing, Delevingne made it very, very clear that she’s a Megan Thee Stallion fan — conveniently placing herself near Meg every chance she could. There are a number of red carpet photos with Delevingne hanging around, fluffing Meg’s dress and cheering her on.

But it didn’t stop there: Delevingne was actually seated next to Meg inside the theater, leading some to assume they actually came to the show together. Plenty of other fans, though, were uncomfy at Delevingne’s constant proximity to the rapper.

Because the two were seated next to each other, they ended up in a ton of photos together, with Delevingne happy to pop her head into everything. But for real, though, every time Meg was talking to Doja Cat seated in front of her, there was Delevingne joining in. Perhaps the best part of this whole ordeal is the way Meg shared a photo edit of herself and Doja on Instagram that conveniently cut Delevingne out.

Outside of her Meg fangirling, Delevingne also stepped in to play photographer for anyone who was interested in having a weird photo of themselves. Yes, she rolled around on the floor for what might be the most peculiar angles of celebrities like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly or Doja, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. Cara, what are these photos?!

Delevingne certainly enjoyed her night, and Meg didn’t seem bothered in the slightest that she was around. Having someone hype you up on a big night’s gotta feel pretty good, right? Right?

Photo via Getty/ Mindy Small/ FilmMagic