Cakes da Killa Announces Second Album 'Svengali'

Cakes da Killa Announces Second Album 'Svengali'

With the beautiful sounds of house and hip-hop coming into public consciousness once again, it's important to acknowledge some of the incredible artists who helped innovate the genre. Cakes da Killa is one of them, and today he finally announces his highly anticipated sophomore album, Svengali (October 28, Young Art Records).

Alongside the announcement, Cakes unveiled the album's sultry title track. With production helmed by Sam Katz, the two combine in ecstasy. Warped synths and classic house percussion lay out the red carpet for Cakes' effortless raps that bounce in perfect time, like the moment when two people's hearts share the same rhythm. Much like a lot of Cakes' other work, he captures the euphoria of the dance floor, the growing lust on the way home and the safety of shared identity and community.

"Svengali" arrives after two other brilliant singles, "Drugs Du Jour" and "Sip of My Sip," the latter of which is a collaboration with Sevndeep. Svengali arrives six years after the release of Cakes' magnetic debut, Hedonism. Most recently, he released the second volume of MUVALAND in collaboration with New York-based producer Proper Villains.

Below, watch the video for the title track of Svengali, which you can preorder here.

Photo courtesy of Ebru Yildiz