Caitlyn Jenner Says Letting Trans Girls in Women's Sports Is 'Unfair'

Caitlyn Jenner Says Letting Trans Girls in Women's Sports Is 'Unfair'

Today in extremely bad takes, Caitlyn Jenner says she opposes trans girls participating in women's sports.

This past weekend, the former Olympic gold medalist responded to TMZ's question about recent Republican efforts to ban trans athletes from competing in sports consistent with their gender identities. And her response?

"It's a question of fairness," Jenner said. "That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school."

"It just isn't fair," she went on to say, before declining the reporter's follow-up about whether her stance "delegitimizes" a trans person's identity. "We have to protect girls' sports in our schools."

However, Jenner later went on to double down on her statement via Twitter by saying that while she was caught off-guard by the question, she was still "clear about where I stand."

"It's an issue of fairness," Jenner reiterated. "And we need to protect girls' sports in our schools."

Naturally though, her comments were met with swift backlash from those who wondered why she was trying to undo the "work that helped [her] be where [she is]," while others just called out her "hypocrisy."

"So wasn't unfair for her to take part in a golf tournament with women in 2016?," as activist Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu wrote. "Pretend to thank trans athletes in sports for being themselves in her 2015 acceptance speech for an award?"

Another person added, "She's in no way an ally to the LGBTQ community. She's a horrible, selfish opportunistic fraud."

Not only that, but others like actress Trace Lysette explained that "when you're on hormones and or blockers there is not an advantage."

"I ran track at the club level with college girls and trust me there is no advantage," Lysette said. "I would have went pro if I was able to run the times I ran before hormones etc."

Granted, Jenner's comments aren't entirely surprising given that she's always been a die-hard Republican and is reportedly using the same GOP strategists who helped get Trump elected for her own gubernatorial bid. She was also a notable supporter of the former president until 2018, when she wrote a column about his "relentless attacks" on the trans community.

Even so, Jenner's views are worrying as they come at a time where a number of states have introduced anti-trans legislation targeting children, including 22 bills in 17 states specifically trying to bar trans kids from sports consistent with their gender identity. Not only that, but as some pointed out, what makes her comments extra concerning is the actual potential of her becoming governor of California — no matter how slim the chances are.

See what else Twitter is saying about Jenner's views below.

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