Brandy Is Coming Back as Cinderella

Brandy Is Coming Back as Cinderella

Everyone’s favorite fairytale adaptation is getting a second run (somewhat). Singer-songwriter Brandy will be reprising her role as Cinderella in The Pocketwatch, the music-filled sequel to the Descendants franchise.

Now, we know nothing can top the 1997 Disney live-action original, Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and the Descendants sequel isn’t trying to outdo itself either. I mean, look at the material.

This iteration will deviate from traditional interpretations of Cinderella, taking familiar Descendants characters and tales to the territory of Wonderland, as made famous by Alice in Wonderland. There, characters join forces to travel back in time with a magical pocket watch to stop an event with grave consequences. We’re not quite sure where Cinderella factors into it, but we’re along for the ride.

Also signed on to the project is singer Rita Ora, who will play the villainous Queen of Hearts alongside the likes of China Anne McClaine, Kylie Cantrall and Dara Renee to round out the cast. Pocketwatch promises to be a music-filled, dance-filled unruly adventure through the worlds of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost, worlds with overlapping mythologies populated by Disney’s most loveable heroes and fearsome villains.

The Pocketwatch, written by Dan Frey and Russel Sommer, brings together new characters Red, played by Cantrall, and Chloe, played by Malia Baker — polar opposites who cross paths to embark on a fantastic journey while meeting magical creatures along the way.

This dynamic cast brings new representation and imagination to classic stories. Fans have taken to social media to celebrate the return of "the best Cinderella," and all the interpretations Brandy’s 1997 role paved the way for.


Still magical, over 20 years later✨@brandy #brandycinderella

With Disney's live-action interpretation of The Little Mermaid starring Halle Bailey on the way, there's lots to look forward to. The Descendants sequel has not yet announced an air date but promises to take our breath away.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Porter/BFA