Is BLACKPINK Coming Back Sooner Than We Thought?
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Is BLACKPINK Coming Back Sooner Than We Thought?

Word on the street is that more BLACKPINK might be coming to your area sooner than you think.

According to one insider statement making the rounds online, the global girl group is poised to make their highly anticipated comeback this June with a new album said to be in the cards. While the report wasn't very forthcoming with any additional details, they pointed out how members have been dropping hints about a possible return happening soon such as Jennie saying, "We will come back soon. Please wait," on her YouTube.

If the rumors do turn out to be true, the album would be the follow-up to 2020's debut, THE ALBUM, which featured hits singles like "How You Like That" and the Selena Gomez collab, "Ice Cream." That being said, the information about a comeback seems to be vague at best and, as the old journalism rule of thumb goes, you should really get two independent sources to confirm a rumor before publishing it (a standard which has fallen by the wayside in the era of gossip blogs).

Blinks also don't seem to be holding their breath either. Like Charlie looking at Lucy teeing up the football for the millionth time only to yank it away at the last second, the news was met with a marked degree of skepticism; fans joked on Twitter that if YG Entertainment, the company managing BLACKPINK, was making a June announcement, that likely meant a new album would be delayed until the fall.

This wouldn't be the first time that a rumor about new BLACKPINK music didn't end up panning out. Jennie and Rosé stoked rumblings last July when they were spotted in LA hanging out with Jaden Smith, Moises Arias and twin sister DJ duo, Simi and Haze, that happened to coincide with fellow member Lisa's caption, "The Show Must Go On," on Instagram around the same time. Lisa would later go on to release her debut solo single, "LALISA," later that fall, but nothing else with BLACKPINK.

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